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Video Testimonials

Ania with AcuEnergetics
Ania Keliher

Mother and AcuEnergetics® student Ania Keliher talks about her unplanned journey with AcuEnergetics®.

“It completely changed the way I looked at health and how we get sick; it’s completely different than what I used to think…. truly life changing… for me as a parent it’s really been helpful in my own health and my own wellness… and for my kids too, my family, it’s been really, really great.”

Carol with AcuEnergetics
Carol Terry

Retired teacher and AcuEnergetics® student Carol Terry talks about how receiving an AcuEnergetics® wellness balance while vacationing in Australia compelled her to learn more.

“Although I never may be a teacher of this, it’s doing something to me I feel to improve my health and make me happier… I suggest at any age, look into this; it really can change your life.”

Heidi with AcuEnergetics
Heidi Arnott

AcuEnergetics® student Heidi Arnott talks about how her neck pain that would not go away disappeared after just one AcuEnergetics® balance and her subsequent experience attending Level 1 and Level 2.

“I feel like I use it every day ten times a day in lots of things that I do… I’m really excited to move beyond to the next levels because I’ve seen what Level 1 and Level 2 can do for my friends and family and I just can’t wait to be able to do more, to heal more. ”

Irene with AcuEnergetics
Irene Carr, MD

AcuEnergetics® student and OBGYN Irene talks about attending Level 1 and Level 2.

“Level 2 was even greater than Level 1; it definitely showed me so many amazing thing about myself… I would strongly recommend that everyone do at least level 1 and Level 2, it’s just huge, I think it’s the next big step on your spiritual journey of getting to know yourself and healing yourself and contributing to healing the world.”

Jodi with AcuEnergetics
Jodi Nord

AcuEnergetics® student Jodi Nord talks about her past experience in Reki and the welcomed differences she found in her AcuEnergetics® training.

“I would recommend AcuEnergetics® to anybody out there that is wanting to help themselves, help others, and be present in the moment... this is for everybody and anybody, you don’t have to have a special gift… an awesome opportunity for anybody to come in and learn.”

JP with AcuEnergetics
John Peitzman (JP)

AcuEnergetics® senior practitioner and teacher John Peitzman (JP) talks about his personal journey in discovering AcuEnergetics® and the expansion of the modality in the USA.

“AcuEnergetics®… gave me tools and techniques and practices that are from thousands of years ago… when you are able to shift from your attention being completely in the mind to more in the heart, for me, that was transformational for my life.”

JP with AcuEnergetics
John Peitzman (JP)

AcuEnergetics® senior practitioner and teacher John Peitzman (JP) talks about what you can expect to learn from attending AcuEnergetics® Level 1 “Skills for Living” and Level 2 “Inner Alchemy – treating yourself and others.”

“Reading a book about swimming is completely different than jumping in a pool… what Level 1 does… at least you’re putting your foot in the pool; Level 2 is more like jumping into the pool.”

Korinn with AcuEnergetics
Korinn Hawkins

AcuEnergetics® student and energy healer Korinn Hawkins shares her experience with AcuEnergetics® and how it has changed her life.

“I would recommend Level 1 to mothers and care givers specifically. I think that every mother should have this in her tool box for as being a mom for bumps, bruises, scrapes, all that stuff and as a care giver in the professions, again, just a fabulous tool to have.”

Marli with AcuEnergetics
Marliesa Seifried

AcuEnergetics® practitioner and assistant teacher Marliesa Seifried talks about how she discovered AcuEnergetics® and how it has impacted her life.

“What really intrigued me was that it was powerful but still very down to earth and very accurate.”

Susan with AcuEnergetics
Susan Schultz

Occupational therapist and AcuEnergetics® student Susan Schultz talks about how studying AcuEnergetics® has deepened her understanding of energy medicine and helped her to more effectively treat herself and her family for various complaints.

“It has totally just opened my world to a whole different awareness of who I am and what I’m meant to do - and where I’m going in my life.”