Healing Waters Health Center

Wellness Memberships for 2017

Take a look at our new Wellness Membership program at Healing Waters Health Center! Introducing additional services available in our Wellness Membership for our special guests!! Step into Wellness and fitness with our powerful tools!

1. In 10 minutes, the Pulsar Vibration Plate tones your core, heals sore muscles, improves balance and health!

2. The Soqi Bed, Chi Machine, and Biomat provide you with a cocoon of far infared healing --Combined they help the body heal, relax and mobilize!!

3. Meditation in a quiet space!

AND NOW... we added EXCLUSIVE services to our Unlimited Membership!

1. Relax, stretch, strengthen in our Warm Water Salt Pool. Available in 2 hour increments by appointment only. Bring family members for an additional $10 per person for a 2 hour session.

2. Enjoy 1 thirty minute session per month of AcuEnergetics®, CranioSacra Therapy or Massage Therapy!! Available by appointment only at no additional cost!



INDIVIDUAL: Combine 2 wellness options for a total of one 30 minute session $30 TRIO: Combine 2 wellness options for a total of 30 minutes up to 3 times a month (90 mins total) $85

MONTHLY UNLIMITED: Unlimited visits of a combination of 3 wellness options for a total of 45 minutes per session. Also includes, by appointment only, 30 minutes per month of AcuEnergetics®, CranioSacral Therapy or Massage Therapy and use of the Warm Water Salt Pool. $127

Call, email or stop in to Healing Waters Health Center to sign up for this amazing Wellness Membership!